We design and manufacture dies, supply metal parts – stamped and deep-drawn – but mainly we are specialists in offering solutions to our customers’ needs, a wide range of services that we provide from the different interconnected companies that make up the group.

We offer a comprehensive service, controlling the entire process and guaranteeing quality at every stage.

Cold stamped sheet metal parts

Design and manufacture of dies and machined parts

Since 1967 we have been facing challenges and working to provide the companies we work with with personalised stamping and machining services, as well as the complementary processes they require.

Our experience spanning more than fifty years allows us to take on projects from the conception of the idea, from the very first minute, first advising, then designing and manufacturing, following and supporting the whole process until the very end.

Our wide range of services and the care we take in our work have made us a benchmark for quality in this competitive market.

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of diverse people, with experience in different sectors, who are used to working together with clearly defined objectives.

The desire to improve, our commitment to quality and the care we take in dealing with all the agents involved in a project are constants for us. This is the only way we believe we can offer the solutions or alternatives that are best suited to each scenario.


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